A note about Entice from the founder:

In 2018, I decided to step into the field of makeup with a broad vision and a headstrong determination, to offer the beauty community with the magic that was missing. My brand philosophy has always been to provide quality cosmetics with an affordable price range but only using the best possible ingredients.

Being a medical professional, my vision for Entice was not only to provide the best enchanting beauty products, but also to cast a spell and permanently engrave it’s name into the hearts of everyone who orders. This was done by choosing well thought out ingredients that not only beautify, but also benefit skin. Each product is formulated after months of personal research, with power packed ingredients that profit the skin in unique ways.

Entice is proudly a cruelty free brand. All the products are also paraben free and vegan friendly. Being a female entrepreneur I want you to use my products with trust. My goal is to leave you feeling confident, empowered and gorgeous, both inside and outside.

Thank you for trusting my brand.

Love, Rabbia Sohail

Join me on my journey: